Other great sites

The Boiler Room mastering services in Chicago. Collin Jordan heads up this great mastering suite and does a great job on many of the records heard on REB Records. If you’re looking for someone fully committed to mastering (not someone who happens to have some Waves plugins and Pro Tools) The Boiler Room and its head engineer are awesome.

Sound on Sound magazine. Generally this is a really cool magazine that covers specific techniques across many DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations.) An industry standard, but one that is written in an easy to understand way covering basics to more advanced topics.

TapeOp Magazine. More behind the scenes, this (free) magazine and now eZine is geared towards the gear head and production types. Often going into analog equipment and containing interviews with gear manufactures as well as engineers it fills every page top to bottom, left to right with information. Great stuff.

Bandcamp website for hosting and distributing music.  We use this for the embedded players on the album pages of this site.  Also one can find a lot of great music from independent labels and artists.

TuneCore website for distribution of music.  Great informational stuff as well on distributing and how the music industry works.  Seems to really put the needs of artists at the top of the priority list.

GearSlutz website is a site where there are some great forum discussion on everything audio.  From gear to mixes to the business this is a fun site to read to see what “people” are thinking.  What sets it apart is that there are a lot of details (most of the time) behind peoples arguments and opinions.