Micro Music Mash at the Dunes. Poster finished.

It took a while, and several reiterations, but finally got this completed.




Should be an awesome show!

The MMM poster with the “micro-feature”

Some serious thought went into this idea; “what do you call a featured artist in the opening slot without taking away from the ‘feature’ main act?”  For the hosts of the MMM (Theft to the Gallows) this is an important concept as this idea is going to be a steady part to the show.  For the April 23rd show we’ve booked Stolie!  A very talented songwriter and artist that brings something unique and refreshing to the Chicago Music Scene.  Check out some of her work here.

Some options were “micro-feature,” “mini-feature,” “featurette,” with and without the hyphen… anyway the point is at this point it is “micro-feature” which lines up with the name of the series and allows “featured” to still have its importance for the headlining act.

Here’s the poster.


Micro Music Mash – Videos from April 9th

The first MMM went well.  Theft to the Gallows hosted and got a great response and Terrible Spaceship also rocked as the headliner.  Some fun unexpected things were planned, and this is something TTTG is hoping to bring to every show.  Here are a couple videos from the show of TTTG.

and here is another of their parody performance of the awesome track “Geek in the Pink” by Jason Mraz.  Keeping things duct-tape, spit, and gum, yet well written, thought out and entertaining is a hard line to play, but TTTG is actively working to do this.


The Stage Design for Theft to the Gallows

Sully and I have been working to put together the stage design for TttG for several months.  We have the cool sign: Theft to the Gallows Headboard2

We have some cool music:


We have a great concert that we’re hosting coming up:

We have a sweet venue:

Some sweet equipment:

And Now we have a state-of-the-art stage:


New TttG song – El Half Asso!

New track from Theft to the Gallows completed last night, most aggressive to date!  Will be up on the TttG Tracks page in the next week, we snuck it on the blog early.Theftlogo2

Micro Music Mash update – Gorilla Tango Theater

REB Records is confirmed for shows on April 9th and 23rd at Gorilla Tango theater in Buck town.  Gorilla Tango is a black box style theater at 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago.  It is known for off the beat plays and hilarious burlesque shows which can be seen pretty much every weekend.

With Gorilla Tango’s help REB Records is planning a series of shows that are highly theatrical and entertaining, but that focus on bands and music.  Like Austin City Limits or CBGB’s in NY the shows will feature interesting acts and the audience will really get to hear and watch these acts perform.  It’s not a bar (though there will be beer,) and it’s not a formal concert.  We’re excited to be creating something that will hopefully become a meaningful part of the Chicago music scene.

– REB Records