The Cleft Way

If asked to define what type of music The Cleft Way creates it would be hard to give a concise answer. It is music with a hint of this and a dash of that; A cup of tea that is meant to steep. It’s Low Fi production with high brow ideals. It is B.B. Mayes’ lyrical and melodic sensibilities against a landscape of acoustic and electronic instrumentation. It is Mark Burleson and Ryan Black pulling sonic rabbits from their hat of studio tricks.

Whether they are collaborating with Kym Franklin, Naz, Satya Graha or by themselves, whatever they create, rest assured it will be thought provoking and unique. This cup of Darjeeling, runneth over.

The Cleft Way’s most recent album is Graveyard Court, a theatrical concept album exploring fulfillment and inaction of the archetypical successful male.

GraveyardCourtFrontCoverBig1600X1600 SatyaG_WhereThreeRoadsMeet_Cover