The Mummy’s Tomb!

The Mummy’s Tomb! was a performance put on for the Wilmette, IL Park district’s Halloween Festival in 2013.  All of the music was composed by Ryan Black, and accompanied a theatrical performance that brought community members through the tomb of Imhotep.  The show was designed and produced by BB Mayes, Darrell, and Ryan Black.

Check out the pictures of the show!

Musical tracks are below

Introducing the Cave

Entering the Cave

Exploring the Cave

Gregorian Song

Interlude Singing

Run Away! Less Scary

Run Away! More Scary

The Tano Leaves


BB Mayes rocked the audience as the Tomb’s Keeper, while Nile the Crocodile haunted the tomb looking “his mummy.”  After children helped the Tomb’s Keeper recite the cantation and do the ritual of the Tano Leaves, a Tomb Robber snuck into the grave, awakening Imhotep’s Spirit and Mummy!  The Mummy cames crashing through the wall, scaring the audience and chasing out the Tomb Robber.  What a fun night!

Each show lasted approximately 15 minutes and music and sound effects were triggered live.

Sound Effects that were created for the show.

The reading of the Mummy’s curse – Reading 1

The reading of the Mummy’s curse – Reading 2

The Mummy’s Groans – Set 1

The Mummy’s Groans – Set 2

Interlude Singing – used to fill space if needed

Cave Chant Singing – used to fill space if needed

Opening the sarcophagus – No Magic

Opening the sarcophagus – Yes Magic (after the Tano Cantation)