More complete list of REB Records studio needs

As the process continues we are putting together the needs of the studio.  Next will be equipment lists, and then cost estimations.  The needs vs. wants are currently intertwined, but will be separated once cost estimates begin.  With any studio there are places where one may find significant savings if work is completed by oneself, and then other places where the workmanship needed exceeds what Sully and Ryan, and some of their very awesome friends and family, could contribute.

  • Large storage area: PA equipment, drum sets, not used equipment… 
  • Equipment closet/Room: Cables, Microphones, stands, 
  • Main Mixing Room: large enough to have almost full band in, couches, producer’s desk 
  • Main tracking room: Large Live room 
  • Vocal Booth: Dead room for reamping and vocals 
  • Good security 
  • Kitchen/Lounge area to keep drinks, and coffee, some food, maybe a computer 
  • Sound Lock: Hallway between tracking and Mixing rooms 
  • 12+ ft ceilings 
  • Wood floors, ceilings 
  • Heating and Cooling of some sort that is quiet HVAC 
  • At least two 120 Amp circuits, preferably three (2 in the each of the main rooms) 
  • Enough space and design to not be heard by neighbors or main house. 
  • Good lighting that does not make noise