Basic Studio Design layout

This is a design for a studio that Sully and I are building for REB Records in 2014.  It’s just a layout; doors, windows, assets, and textures will be added in the next week or so.

There are still some basic issues with the walls that need to be worked out, but it has all of the key components for a studio that REB Records would need.  Those include

A semi large tracking room (In this case it is 26′ x 36′)

A large control room that is also a chief creative space.  (28′ x ~20′)

A Sound lock between the control and tracking rooms

An isolation both (6′ x 8′)

A room for HVAC stuff

A small lounge/kitchen

Storage space – In this design there could be 3 possible storage closets.

A  bathroom space.

Having all of these features would definitely make an amazing space to work and create, and as the design continues it is exciting to see a physical manifestation of much discussed ideas!