Momentum seems to be something that is very hard to explain, even harder to see from the outside.  It is something that you feel, specifically when you are connected to it.  That connection comes not from a super clearly defined goal, though that may help, but rather from the pursuit of something that has meaning.

The journey starts with planning and such, but at some point you have to start driving.  Once the driving begins there are obstacles, there are plateaus, there are down and up hills, none of which can be planned for perfectly.  And interestingly the first 900 miles seem to be driven in a tube by ones self.  The tube has pinpricks through people can see that something is moving inside.  People peer in, some say “oh, look at that.  Very interesting.” others say “Hmmm, that’s a nice hobby.” Once in a while it’s “I remember when I to had dreams, good luck,” and then on occasion “Hey, I’d be interested in be involved in that!”  sometimes followed by “pay?” and in the rarest occasion “I’m in! What can I do?”

The last 100 miles are where people will say “Oh, I knew that would be successful,” or “What luck!” and often mean this in all sincerity.  The holes in the tube grow and it is easier to see inside.  Eventually they grow larger so that there is more visibility then shade, and melt, leaving the a trailing coattail upon which some may try to jump.  We’ll see if we get there, knowing that this will happen is assuring that it will not.  The journey is the goal.

Those who are on the journey understand what is happening; can feel the ball rolling, and while understanding is not fully under control or explainable, know that the trip is in progress, and are probably having fun doing it.  This journey has begun for REB and those working with it.  This is what life is about.  This is passion mixed with action.  I hope this feeling will continue to last and will grow.

– Ryan