Working Hard

Posted on March 10, 2013

REB Records is working hard to move forward. We are developing this web site to let people know what we at REB are doing. The founders (Ryan and BB Mayes – collectively The Cleft Way production team) really love creating music, and are lucky to have family give them time to pursue these projects. The internet gives them the ability to connect directly to fans and hopefully this will result in the ability to have REB become a primary source of income and a place where time can be spent working with artists to create great products that consumers want.

Some of our thoughts parallel those found by people like Amanda Palmer (check this TED talk out) or the awesome people over at BB Mayes recently made the decision to leave his previous label, to which he was signed for almost ten years, and put his full effort towards the future of REB. Like many out there, we are going to utilize the amazing resources on the internet (like, wordpress,, and we hope to stand out because of the effort, quality, and thought that goes into every production.

Ryan and BB Mayes can’t stop creating music. REB Records is an avenue to continue this work in a formal way, and one that will provide some stability to the artists, musicians, and designer that we work with. We look to find those people with a similar passion to create, and who are interested in creating art that makes people think.