What we’re doing Today

Posted on May 9, 2013
I’m currently uploading the first TEE album! (Literally I’m waiting for track 7 to upload as I write this.) We’re very excited to bring this album out after two years of production with TEE and the Black’s Backbone production team.

The first album, Groovalicious Smart Hip Chick Dance Music should be up this morning. You can stream it, or download it for free. Steal it send it to your friend if you like it. We’d love to make a nillion-billion dollars, but we’d much rather get the music that REB Records is involved with out to fans and friends. Really.

(Uploading track 8)

Maybe from looking around you can see that we are doing something different, and at some point we’ll go through and discuss the contracts that REB signs with artists. As artists ourselves, we think this is the way the industry is moving, (no crazy royalties, advances, artists’ debt, and music being based on the market which is manipulated through massive marketing campaigns.) We will do a 90/10 split of revenue after costs (which are spelled out not bullshitted up and up.)

For example you want to support TEE and decide that the t-shirt with design by Amy L. is cool and pay $15 bucks for it. If that t-shirt cost REB $5 to print (and we’ve paid Amy L.) the artist will receive $9, and the label will get $1. Same thing with “support” moneys from any other source. Go check out a Major label contract and you’ll see that this is often close to reversed or worse. (A really good book that explores this in an understandable way is Donald Passman’s “All You Need to Know about the Music Industry“)

(Uploading track 9 – Your World)

If artists and producers are willing (or are already) putting in the work, we want to work to bring this to an appreciative audience/fan base. And then let that artist go sign with Universal or Sony for 3 million bucks; sweet.

I digress, and we’re still working out the details, you know with the accountant and lawyers, and so forth.

The point is we’re excited to have two new albums going up. We want artists to have the ability to create and collaborate, and we (as artists ourselves) think that this (as opposed to when we were signed with a pretty significant indy label in Europe) is a step in the right direction.

(and track 9 just finished!)

– Ryan