Web Updates

Posted on September 12, 2013
As REB Records works to move forward, lately it’s been fighting Hackers who think it’s funny to play with peoples time, pursuits, and money, but also doing some research on how to improve the web site as a whole.

The basic idea is it needs to be simple. When someone goes to the site it should be two to three clicks and you’re listening, reading or watching what you want. It’s not about six columns, having large comment threads (go to REBrecords1 on youtube.com for that,) or one hundred links to everything. There are two concepts that we’re thinking about, discussing implementing.

The first is pretty prevalent (and easier now with HTML 5) and that is embedded videos. Not links, but videos that actually play right there on the page with source files hosted on youtube or vimeo. Yes this is common, but in our case the question is does it support the music and artists, or does it detract and distract?

Something like, “check out this very neat interview with Mick Guzauski, the engineer who mixed Daft Punks latest album “Random Access Memories, on Pensado’s Place!” He talks about the process of recording to both analog tape and digital Pro Tools especially for drums, and also how the mixing process was done in a several month time frame. Guzauski also makes some of the most advanced monitor speakers on the market, cool stuff, worth watching for those interested in how the industry works behind the scenes as opposed to how the marketing teams and media portrays it.


The second is the idea of having the ability to interact without any information collected. Possibly a like/dislike button where the results are not public. This information would allow REB and it’s artists to see what people are interested in. It would allow an interaction, and while not personal would be directly useful to bring art back that is in line with both fans and artists goals. By having it not public, it is not influenced by other fans; it is your opinion.

Nothing too final on these, just thoughts we’re playing as we work on videos for Theft to the Gallows and TEE.

– REB Records