Things to come on REB

Posted on May 1, 2013
Right now REB is working towards some new things; “things” because they come from many different angles.

We have begun production of Audio Synthese, and exciting socio-electronic artist based out of Chicago. Tracks will be placed on the AS page once they become available.

REB is putting together YoueTube videos for all of its current artist and the many albums, which includes:

Satya Graha, The Cleft Way, Naz, Kym Franklin, and TEE.
These are going to be cover art vids, and will be made available soon.

We are finishing up an actual music video for the new TEE release. Mastering is Friday.

REB is starting work on the “Theft to the Gallows” project


Black’s Backbone single is being mixed for that artist.

and there’s more…

We’re excited about going through this process to bring art to a greater audience and also beginning to build a catalog from the many different artists that move us, and that will hopefully move you.


– REB Records