Things one learns

Posted on June 13, 2013
Some things I’ve learned over the last couple weeks.

Everyone says “I’m not doing it for the money” until there’s money. Then it’s “where’s my money?” or “why are you screwing me/us?”
Every artist has a unique perspective, and few of them are based in a reality that works well with others (often part of the reason one can make great/poignant art.)
Lawyers are your (expensive) friends.

If someone needs to tell you they’re “a business woman/man” they probably have no idea what that means.

Some very smart people hear exactly what they want to hear. It’s confirmation bias, but with rationalization.

Some not-as-with-it people hear exactly what they want to hear. It’s irrational confirmation bias, with no rationalization.

Talent is 50% (maybe less) of being successful. The rest is some other stuff (being nice to people, working hard, networking well, little luck, help from others… and some other things that I’ve not yet found out.)

Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” is an amazing song, that gains reality as I live more and see more.

Mentors are people too. Not gods. One should be open to coming back to them and saying “hi! would you like to meet up for a coffee/beer/watch Jaws sometime?”

Sometimes your words can be flipped back on you and it’s hilarious; other times it’s scathing.

Medical Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not paying for one’s health care. (always fun phone calls)

A little venting on a Thursday morning.

Friday morning, REB Business meeting at 6:40 AM (no I’m not kidding.)

– Ryan