The End Zone

Posted on March 13, 2013

Working to finish the TEE albums has been interesting and fun and tedious and with many surprises.


It is strange how a football team’s defensive line always steps up and plays with a little (or a lot) of extra stuff when the offensive team is in the red zone. These last five to twenty yards are where the pressure of “holy crap, we are so close” meets “hell no, not in my house.” In a football game these are 300 pound men with millions of dollars on the line, and a half million people watching (read as judging) their effort and execution.

On an album (or creative project) these 300 lbs dudes are thin wispy ghosts. They are hard to identify, they sit just behind your equipment, and your eyelids. It is the unexpected hard drive crash, the angry email because things are behind, the production team that suddenly wants to change the art work, doubts that the last two years of production were worth it, etc. etc. etc… The 300 lbs are spread through the minds of all affiliated or related to the project. These Obstacales are just as strong, just as big, and play twice as hard in the last 5% of the game.

Have you experienced this? It is ridiculous, but predictable. It brings amazing artists to their creative knees, and leaves productions that should be available and enjoyed (or hated), rotting on hard drives and melting on tape machines. Finishing is a mind set of staying true to the intent of the project, and staying in the “zone” all the way to the end. This is the hurdle; the path to say, “check this work out,” and give it meaning and purpose.”