Keeping Up

Posted on March 24, 2013

Weeks go by where one is so busy they can’t do anything. Day jobs are nice because they give structure; a set time to work, and a set time not to. Starting a business this is not the case, that is where teams are needed. An explanation: It seems that there are often groups of two or three individuals that work together to make big things happen. Often one one person gets more of the credit (Bill Gates and that other guy, Ahmet Ertegun and… Herb Abramson) and this is probably fine, because consumers can perpetuate the mystical genius and luck, as opposed to hard focused work and time. (Ok that was a little cynical…) If you want to go more in depth on this check out Michael Eisner‘s book “Working Together.”

So this week has been one of those weeks where nothing got done, at least of the important stuff towards REB Records. There was substantial paper work, planning of lectures and classes (I teach audio production) Benefit dinners, trips to the doctor, trip to the DMV, run out recording for the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra (great concert by the way,) taxes, and other stuff. No mixing, no writing, no web updating, no composing.

But then B.B. Mayes got a little free time, and started working on the verbiage for the website (probably the one you are on now.) And stuff got done. The momentum kept going. The drop did not happen, the one that seems to come when I work alone. It’s probably happened before, but this week it was obvious.

The pursuit gives meaning, and with so many necessary jobs and “important” distractions of life, it is often justified to not have time to get to these passions. Then the momentum fades, has to be built back up, and is now on a slightly shoddier foundation. It is a balance, one that is made easier with a team.

This week the teammate stepped up and caught the ball coming down the hill. Next week (or even later today) we’ll be ready to roll.