Posted on March 15, 2013

“The albums going to be done this weekend!”

“Awesome! That’s great to hear.”

“Oh, hold on a sec, I’ve got a call on the other line…

You still there?”


“Well looks like ____ passed away, so I’ll be out of town all weekend, and the album won’t be done this weekend.”

“Aww, that’s horrible. Well do what you’ve got to do. Best of luck with the weekend. We’ll get it done in the next couple weeks.”


And that is the wispy 300 lbs defensive linemen stepping up and blocking that perfect last run. So yes true, and now the album is delayed again because of… life, I guess. It’s all good, TEE has 16 of 18 tracks that are pretty much done – one more listen through, and a bounce without compression on the master. Two more tracks to go, one of which is close to completed.

Here’s another track, maybe as an apology or maybe as more of an offering, asking for Life to give the space to finish. Savage Heart. This song explores the relationship of powerful men to their captive females, from the females’ perspective. It was originally a response to the song Man Eater by Daryl Hall & John Oates, explaining why the She is a man eater; that Man (especially those with power) has essentially made her this way through centuries of history.

Man Eater is an amazing song, but also an awesome video. 1980s as they might be remembered, with mirrors, mustaches, tight pants; angular yet smooth.