For What It’s Worth

Posted on March 29, 2013

For the few of you who have discovered our little record label and have listened to our artists and their music I want you all to know how grateful and appreciative we all are at R.E.B. Records. Ryan and I both hold down day jobs (as most artists do) so we can carve out a few hours each week to produce and create, what we think, is interesting music by interesting, talented people. Some may agree, some may not. Either way I feel it is better to create something and throw it out into the universe then not at all. Who knows, one of our artists may not be “Big in Japan”, but if there is life on other planets Naz or TEE may be mega stars on Jupiter.

Regardless of what the universe holds in store, we will continue to be true to ourselves and true to our craft hoping that we are able to make “that” connection. A connection that is both true and sincere with our artists and their supporters.

B.B. Mayes

“are you an artist because you want an audience, or because you love your craft”