Been a while

Posted on July 8, 2013

REB Records has been working on our next step… Expansion! (sort of)

We’ve been looking at what would be next for artists who come and work with us, and after much discussion it seems like physical restrictions are one of the key places where we could improve. Of course there are other things; marketing, publicity, equipment, web site redesign, among others. Product is important, and REB is about helping artists develop and complete (one of the hardest parts) their work. Then distribute and market.


Steps to create a record: (partial credit to Collin Jordan over at the Boiler Room Mastering)

1) Pre-production – writing songs, arranging, practicing, lyrics, chords, instrumentation, contracts, demo tracks, metronome tracks, harmonies, guitar tones…

2) Tracking – recording all potential parts, possibly basic editing, microphone placement, preamp choices, guitar amps, tuning drums, dealing with phase, finding a good room…

3) Mixing – The art of the recording process, where the parts are all put in place and polished, fine tune edits, delay lines, perfecting phase, EQ, compression, gate, other processors, this is painting the picture, bring it to life and enhancing the underlying production and song…

4) Mastering – taking all of the individual tracks and creating a final album, levels, 2-track EQ, clarity in extreme highs and lows, perfecting the sphere, black-magic…

5) Duplication and Distribution – Getting the work out to the world, internet presence, social media, downloads, streaming, videos, CD, vinyl, marketing…


REB has a good start on the following


(1) Pre Production – The Cleft Way, and several artists who are starting to self produce, though having a space for rehearsal and creative interaction would be helpful.

(2) Mixing – REB has a decent mixing space, a treated room with several sets of good monitors, relatively quiet environment, master control, Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, CS6; standard stuff and some pretty cool outboard equipment.

(3) Mastering – We’ve been very happy with Boiler Room Mastering here on the north-side of Chicago. Collin does a great job and has A+ equipment and ears.

(4) Duplication and Distribution – This is something that REB is pretty devoted to utilizing primarily the internet. As smart technologies continue to transform the public’s interaction with media, REB will continue to research the best ways to bring artists and fans together. This is the place where REB needs the most human resources and knowledge, and we feel that having a larger product base would be helpful.


Obviously missing hear is step “2″ from above – Tracking. A space would also allow artists to have a real place to do pre-production.

Anyway on to prep work!