Art Work up for Under the Skin Vol. 1

Posted on April 1, 2013

Had to scan in CD covers, but now the album, Under the Skin: Vol. 1, has art work!

This got me thinking, why can we not find the original art work? Thought it was here, or there, looked, searched, and came up empty.

File management, archiving and backup are crucial, but annoying parts of what artists must do to keep moving forward. With everything being removed from the tangible form to one that is digital, the ability to lose files or even worse entire hard drives looms over the artists’ head. Every time a HD spins up, it rotates hundreds of times per second and the platters wear themselves out a little more. Maybe use the solid state (SSD)… As far as I can tell they can still go down, but are totally not recoverable.

There are those who have lost important data, and those who are going to lose important data. That’s it.

Now one could argue, well just store everything in the cloud, then it will always be available and secure. Well, maybe this option will become more feasible when a cloud storage of 100 TB is easily affordable and accesible.

Currently at REB our back up is as follows:

1) Main hard drive – 1 TB pretty full

2) Back up 1 – using the Apple Time Machine to a 1 TB drive

3) Back up 2 – by hand, just a drag and wait drop onto another 1TB drive weekly

4) Back up 3 – by hand, once a month

5) Back up 4 – completed project BU stored off site (always a BU at your mama’s house)

6) Individual back ups on Optical storage of final projects.

There’s also some Google Drive stuff to backup legal docs and contracts and stuff, and to make things accesible for download.

And I’m still scared. 🙂